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Risk Disclosure

Dear Global Bitgetters,

This Risk Disclosure aims to reveal to investors the investment risks of digital asset derivatives products and to help investors assess and determine their own risk appetite.

Investors shall seek legal assistance or help from independent professionals before engaging in highly leveraged futures contracts transactions.

Eligible Investors

Derivatives transactions for digital assets are highly leveraged and bear substantial risk. As such, it is only suitable for professional investment institutions, experienced investors, or those who fully understand the risk related to derivatives transactions of digital assets. Most importantly, derivatives transactions of digital assets are only suitable for those who can assume responsibility for loss of funds due to any poorly made investment decisions.

Existing Risks

1. Risk of Price Fluctuation

  • As a special product with investment value, the price of digital currency derivatives is affected by many factors, and the price fluctuates greatly as a result. It is difficult for any investor to fully acknowledge or respond to the effect of these variables in real-time, so there is the possibility of poorly-made investment decisions. As risk cannot be effectively controlled, investors may suffer great losses and should bear all responsibility for any loss that occurs.

2. Transaction Risk

  • Investors should understand that derivatives trading is characterised by high leverage, which may lead to quick profits or losses. If the direction of the transaction is opposite to the fluctuation of the market, it will cause a larger loss. According to the degree of loss, investors may increase the digital currency margin or reduce their positions, to prevent the possibility of a liquidation. In either scenario, investors must bear all responsibility for any loss or liquidation that occurs.
  • In the exchange's trading system, the limit order submitted by the investor is irrevocable once the transaction is executed, and the investor must accept the risks that may be brought about by this mechanism.
  • The exchange does not guarantee profit to its investors, nor does it bear the responsibility of profit or risk with investors.

3. Policy and Regulatory Risk

  • Digital asset derivatives trading may face policy regulatory risks in certain jurisdictions. Investors should make prudent judgments and ensure they understand the policy and regulatory background of the relevant jurisdictions before trading.

4. Other Relevant Risks

  • When a user uses high leverage, it can bring greater risk to the user and the platform. Therefore, in order to maintain market stability, the platform will monitor the positions of users who use high leverage. When the platform judges that the user's position may cause harm to the user or other positions on the platform, appropriate measures will be taken by the exchange including, but not limited to, communication, risk disclosure, forced position reduction and forced liquidation. The user will receive a notification of the measures taken.
  • Derivatives trading rules in the digital asset derivatives market, including, but not limited to, adjustment coefficients, expiration dates and product rules, can be modified according to the actual operation of the platform. If the platform needs to deliver products earlier or later due to special circumstances, after fulfilling the obligation of notification by means of announcement on the official website or SMS, the user must tend to their own position in a timely manner. Any possible loss or gain caused thereby shall be borne by the user alone.


  • Investors must have a detailed understanding of the basic knowledge and related risks of digital currency contract transactions and the business rules related to participating in derivatives exchanges before trading.
  • The risk matters mentioned in this risk disclosure are not exhaustive, and all risk factors related to digital asset derivatives trading are not listed in detail. Before investing in digital asset derivatives trading, investors should also seriously consider other possible risks.
  • We sincerely hope and suggest that investors will prudently decide whether to participate in this contract transaction and allocate their digital assets reasonably based on their own conditions, such as risk tolerance.

Bitget is a trading platform for crypto products. Trading in cryptocurrency derivatives involvessubstantial risk. Please consider carefully whether Bitget is suitable for you to use. For details, please check our Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

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