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BGB Introdution

What is BGB?

What is BGB?BGB is the platform token of Bitget, designed to create a simple, secure, and accessible crypto ecosystem. It offers exclusive benefits to holders, aiming to benefit together from Bitget's growth.

BGB Price & Market Data

You can access the live price and actual market data for our Bitget Token on the dedicated BGB Token Price page. Prices are updated in real-time. Additionally, you will have instant access to BGB historical price charts, various calculators, and other relevant trading information.

BGB Tokenomics

The total supply of BGB tokens is 2 billion, with 25% swapped for BFT holders. The remaining 75% will be distributed for community acquisition, branding and growth, ecological investment funds, core team motivation, and investor protection. Specific release schedules and conditions apply for each allocation.

BGB Distribution and Release

The BGB distribution and release plan involves a total supply of 2 billion tokens. 25% of the supply was swapped with BFT holders. The remaining 75% will be distributed as follows: 15% for community and user acquisition, 15% for branding and growth, 15% for ecological investment funds, 20% for core team motivation, and 10% for the investor protection fund. The release of these funds will be done gradually over time.

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BGB token release information

Safe, simple, and connected to crypto enthusiasts around the world.
Token nameBitget Token
Token symbolBGB
Contract address0x19de6b897ed14a376dda0fe53a5420d2ac828a28
Issue price0.05850
Circulating supply1,400,000,000
Total supply2,000,000,000
Launch date2021.07.26
Replace BFT

Used to swap out existing BFT tokens

Employee investment

2% unlocked every 6 months, fully unlocked within 5 years

Ecosystem investment

Released to the Bitget ecosystem investment fund


Releases up to 3% per year

User input

Releases up to 4% per year

Bitget Protection Fund

Compensation for unforeseen incidents on our platform

Create a safe and reliable BGB ecosystem with us and promote the development of the next generation of Web3