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About B4H

At Bitget, we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and gender diversity in the blockchain industry. Our Blockchain4Her initiative focuses on elevating, empowering, educating, and embracing women in blockchain, ensuring equal opportunities and representation in this transformative field.

By Elevating, Empowering, Educating, and Embracing women, Blockchain4Her aims to create a more equitable and diverse ecosystem, amplifying the voices of countless women.

Gracy at UN Women 2024

Imagine a world where women's achievements in tech are not the exception but the norm. In March 2024, Bitget took a significant step toward that future. Gracy, Bitget CEO, was at the heart of global discussions on gender equality at the United Nations.

In the 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), we were not just attendees; we were advocates and voices for change. From March 11 to 22, Gracy stood with representatives from across the globe to advance a priority that mirrored our own at Bitget — empowering women through blockchain.

Gracy at UN Women 2024

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The three pillars of Blockchain4Her

Inspiring Female Pioneers

Inspiring female pioneers

Promoting Tech Leadership

Promoting tech leadership

Advancing Gender-Inclusive Breakthroughs

Advancing gender-inclusive breakthroughs

Taking action

Academy course

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its applications, and its impact through our comprehensive self-paced course. The course consists of three modules each with a Bitget Academy certificate upon completion. Complete all three modules to earn an overall certification.

Taking Action

Elevate & Empower

Elevate & Empower

Leadership initiatives to amplify women's voices in blockchain.

By empowering women to lead and contribute, Bitget envisions women as key players in the blockchain revolution.

Meetups (Q4)

Meetups (Q4)

Regional meetups to help women advance in blockchain.

Bitget aims to build a supportive and thriving community of female blockchain enthusiasts.

Educate & Embrace

Educate & Embrace

Educational opportunities to equip women with blockchain skills.

Bitget advocates for diversity and gender balance in leadership positions within teams and organizations.

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