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Bitcoin Support & Resistance Range | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.21

Bitcoin Magzine gives a good chart showing the strong support and resistance range in which the Bitcoin price is currently stuck.

TokenInsight·2023/09/21 23:33#Opinion#Bitcoin#Exchanges

Arbitrum Odyssey Returns | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.20

Arbitrum relaunched its Odyssey after over a year, but there is no airdrop this time.

TokenInsight·2023/09/20 23:45#Opinion#Arbitrum#Ethereum

One Year After Merge, the Achievement & Challenge | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.19

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the Ethereum mainnet merge. With almost 1 million ETH burned being a major achievement and creating a deflationary effect, there is growing concern over staking centralization.

TokenInsight·2023/09/19 23:36#Opinion#Optimism#FTX

TON Chain and Telegram | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.18

The latest partnership between TON chain and Telegram sparked renewed interest in TON.

TokenInsight·2023/09/18 20:48#Opinion#Social#Exchanges

Liquid Restaked Token Basics | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.15

EigenLayer introduces the Ethereum restaking, liquid restaked tokens build another layer on top of the EigenLayer

TokenInsight·2023/09/15 20:38#Opinion#Staking#Ethereum

FTX Outlines Token Selling Plan | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.14

FTX got court approval to sell its crypto assets with a weekly selling limit.

TokenInsight·2023/09/14 23:29#Opinion#FTX#Polygon

Which Tokens Will Be Most Affected by the Upcoming FTX Selling? | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.13

FTX intends to sell billions of dollars crypto asset holding, $MATIC, $TRX, and $DOGE would be the most impacted tokens, according to Messari.

TokenInsight·2023/09/13 23:36#Opinion#Binance#Security Incidents

Market Stagnate at $1 Trillion Level | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.12

With both low volatility and low volume, boredom dominates the market

TokenInsight·2023/09/12 23:31#Opinion#Payment#FTX Resugred Due to Token Anticipation | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.11 has seen a sudden resurge in both TVL and transaction volume. Several factors have contributed to its comeback.

TokenInsight·2023/09/11 22:00#Opinion#Social#Web3

Bitcoin Inscriptions Not a Fading Trend | Crypto Daily Digest Sep. 8

While Bitcoin NFT sales have declined, Ordinals inscriptions continue rising.

TokenInsight·2023/09/08 21:49#Opinion#Bitcoin#NFT