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Feel the power of BGB
Cutting-edge, cross-chain trading, made simple
Futures Margin
Use BGB as a margin to unlock a 15% discount on trading fees.
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Trading Fees
Pay with BGB to get a 20% discount on all trading fees.
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KOL Cooperation
Use BGB as collateral for more collaboration opportunities.
Impressive Rewards
Holding BGB gives you access to Bitget rewards, private circle tickets, and more.
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Earn Passive Income
Stake BGB to earn and enjoy value-added income.
Early Investment Access
Bitget Launchpad gives you early investment-access to up-and-coming projects.
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BGB Token Distribution
Here’s exactly how we will take BGB to the moon…
Issue Amount: 2,000,000,000
Circulating Supply
Quantity: 500M BGB
Details: 25% will be used to swap out existing BFT tokens
Branding and Promotion
Quantity: 300M BGB
Details: Maximum of 3% release per year
Team Incentives
Quantity: 400M BGB
Details: 2% will be unlocked every 6 months - will be fully unlocked over 5 years (60 months)
New User Acquisition
Quantity: 300M BGB
Details: Maximum of 4% release per year
Ecosystem Investment
Quantity: 300M BGB
Details: Goes to the Bitget ecosystem investment fund
Investor Protection Fund
Quantity: 200M BGB
Description: Used for potential platform compensation scenarios